Tucson, Arizona


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 Far Horizons RV park was our next stop. The reason we chose this park was it was close to Lenny,s daughter and grandson who were moving. This was a very nice park with all the animates one needed if you were to stay the winter. There were about 16 campers from Minnesota there.

 These pictures show some of the streets. This is the campground I got lost in and had to call Lennys to the rescue. The bottom picture shows a cactus that was hit by the cold weather. All over Tucson could be seen huge cactus hanging limp over fences. One gal told me her Dad had a ranch here and had lost a lot of cactus. Said he had never seen it this bad in his life. They told us that it would take about 2 or 3 years to tell how much damage was done to the Saguaro Cactus from the frost. It take 95 to 100 years to grow the first branch.

This is the pool that we swam in. It was heated so was very nice. The carving is in the courtyard of the pool area. They also had miniature golf. Took a picture of this quilt in the lobby for the twins to see. One day got a few sprinkles of rain and saw this rainbow.

 Moon rise at Julie's. This is the path across from Julie's old house where Matt would take the dogs for a walk. One day Lenny and I took the dogs and I had Bandit. He got to close to a jumping cactus and got a big bunch on his face. You should have seen him jump. Tried to get it off with paw and was in worse mess. Poor dog. Has not learned how to be an Arizona dog yet.

This is the parking lot at a Flee Market in Phoenix.


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