Gulf Island National Seashore
Pensacola Beach, Florida
Jan 23, Feb 6





There are many forts around the Pensacola and some date back to the Spanish. They are no longer in use but are open to explore.


 Some of the birds around Pensacola. You think that if you had been here once there is no more to see, Wrong. There is beauty wherever you look. We do enjoy the beach and all it has to offer. Here is that old lady and here shells again. So much for not bringing any home this year but Bailey, Maizie and Mariah are going to make things for the fair.

 Here I am sitting in the trailer one night working on a wreath. The octopus was on top of one of the shops here. I am walking the beach. The fishermen here have these little carts to bring their poles etc. to beach. They clean the roads here like we plow snow at home.


Some of the thing that can hart you on the beach.

 On a walk one day this critter poked its head up. Scared me! First snake we have seen in all our travel.

 At certain times the beach would be covered with these jellyfish called man of wars. They have long poisonous tentacle that they poison prey with. I saw one that had a 20-foot tentacle. They can sting you even if they are on the beach. Have to be real careful. We only saw these at this beach.



The thing I liked the most was the ships and aircraft.


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