Bayou Segnette State Park
Westwego, Louisiana
This park wasn't that far from New Orleans.

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On a walk one-day we saw this bird. Going home and checking the bird book it is an Anhinga. It says it often sits on a perch with wings out to dry. Also known as the snake-bird. The trees here look funny as the roots come out of the ground. There was 2 guys fishing there, the water looked really bad. They said they would eat them if they cough them, not me.

This bird was in the bayou right behind our trailer. Took this picture from the opposite shore. The boats here were those belonging to the park rangers, They were very elaborate but were put on the trailer with a crank. Work was being done on the canal and these machines floated on a barge as they dug. This fisherman came down the canal with his dog. They were both enjoying themselves.

The park was next to a dike that was under construction. On the other side of the dike is a boat launch. A road though the dike, the blue things are gates. There is also a road with a bridge that cuts the park in half.

This Great Egret was also in the bayou. They are a very graceful bird that moves slowly through the water.

 On Sunday when the workers were not there we walked down to explore there work. This was really quite a project. The old levy was torn down and the new one was a lot higher.


Fort Pike

 This Fort was closed since the oil spill. I guess they had clean up crews stationed here. So we just drove by and took pictures.


Photos from around New Orleans

As we drove through New Orleans these are some of the buildings we saw. We came across a lot of homeless people in an empty lot there.

I loved the bridges. They were beautiful to drive. One day we had to pay a three-dollar toll to go across one. This was many miles long across a whole lake. In crossing one toll bridge we had to pay $10 to get across. So much per axle and we had the trailer behind. The round shaped building is the dome we saw often during the hurricane as that housed the victims. The later houses are still from the flood. The houses here were long and narrow looking like a railroad car. Certainly not much room and very close together.

When coming into New Orleans to find the park we some how shot off a turn and ended down town by the French Quarter. That is not where you want to be let me tell you when you are pulling a trailer.

A lot of these pictures are taken out of the window as we are driving.

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