Salt Springs
Recreation Area
Ocala National Forest


This was a great park but we had no computer, No cell phone or signal for TV. We had to drive miles in order to talk to someone so that was scary. We would drive to Wal-Mart, shop and sit in the parking lot and use the computer or make calls. The little stumps on the ground are tree roots. This waterway was spring fed. We were told that manatees would come in and swim by the swimmers. We did not see them but some campers had. The water in this spring was held at 72 degrees. There were a couple of men down their swimming with the fish. Note the picture of the cormorant sitting on top of the no swimming sign. He looks like he is ready for a fight. These birds hold their wing out like that to dry them. We drove into town where there was a park. All these water birds were at this park. Note how the big Egrets sit. They look so silly when they have their legs folded under. There was a local man sitting on bench here. He spoke to me and said he had come to feed the birds. Then he said, "you got any change ". I was sure glad to see Lenny come! This was ditch we walked to in the park. We were told that one of the campers had seen an alligator sunning himself on the shore.


These were crab traps that were used for blue crab laying here. As we got to the shore there was an old Ferry that for $10 it would take you to the other side. It really did not look that safe but was inspected yearly. You were to drive on the platform and leave you lights on so they would come and take you across. This was supposed to be the oldest ferry in Florida.