Santa Rosa Island
National Park Service
Gulf Island National Seashore
Pensacola Beach, Florida


Fort Pickens Campgrounds Area
Santa Rosa Island


 We have traveled south 4 years and I have always wanted to see an armadillo dead or alive. Of course old eagle eyes always points them out to me and we are past. We drive in this campground and are driving out to pay when I see dirt flying through the air. I said to Lenny three is an animal over there maybe its an armadillo. Sure enough. I was so excited! They are the mascot of the campground walking all over looking for ants. They are not afraid.


This is how beautiful the beach is at sunrise. We were down there early. The birds are so busy looking for food.



 This is the Beach Patrol on the move looking for tar balls. Note the lead buggy is carrying the Porte Potty. They are out on both sides daily. Someone showed me what a tar ball looks like. Its amazing they are still combing the beach.



Visitor Center
Gulf Breeze, Florida

This was a beautiful place. Walks built like in the jungle. The ranger here behind the desk was blind.


Pensacola Lighthouse


The lighthouse is next to NAS Sherman Field. You can see Blue Angels Fat Albert, Naval Air Museum and aircraft taking off and landing. You can also see Fort Picken across the bay.


 This was a house that really amazed us on the beach in Gulf Breeze Note the Martian in the doorway. The houses you see are truly amazing. Most built on stilts. The ranger here told us this campground was so busy years ago you had to get reservations to get in. Then came the hurricane Ivan. He said the tourists were just coming back and now the oil spill.