Greers Ferry Lake Park


This is the trail to the park or picnic area, when the water is at normal level you have to wade out to there. The photos below are of the island picnic area.

WE loved this walk. People would wade out to this island to have picnics. The post on the walk would tell them how deep the water was. The rocky layered shoreline was very interesting. We are so fortunate to have the health to climb the rocks and explore these places. We are grateful every time we do this.


Greers Ferry Lake Marina



JFK Memorial & Overlook
(Looking East)


East side of the dam looking west.


Greers Ferry Power Plant and Visitor Center
(West Side)


Walking down this road was a challenge. It was around an 8% grade.


Photos of the JFK Memorial & Overlook from west side.


Mossy Bluff National Trail
(West Side)


Photos from the Mossy Bluff National Trail Overlook.

This was Mossy Bluff Trail. My tour guide has a tendency to stray form the trail. The leaves were so thick you could not see the ground. He is walking ahead and I behind carrying the tripod when I caught my foot in some tree roots and like a flash I was on the ground. I almost hit him over the head with the tripod. There were huge rocks all over and they were covered with moss. These plants grow on the rock, as they are two organisms that live off each other and are breaking down the rock and returning it to earth. Note the balancing rock. It took several thousand years of weathering to create this and eventually it will weather enough to slide down the hill.


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