JFK Campgrounds and Park


We certainly got a wonderful campsite. What a find. We just hate to leave here. On Oct 21 we had a picnic outside. There were many walking trails here and we took advantage of them. One day this little dog spotted me and looked out the window.


Little Red River


This is sign you see when you drive into the park.

These are Turkey Vultures, there are so many you don't want to stay in one spot too long.

These pictures of the river are just behind the camper. The leaves were gorgeous on the hillside. We enjoyed the wildlife on our walks. I found the fisherman interesting to watch as they whip the line and throw it on top of the water.


Collins Creek Trail

The trail features a stream that is fed by a pipe from the lake with a year around water flow.

This was a wonderful trail. Walked it several times. Note the crooked tree. Lenny says that was a tree that refused to die as a bigger tree had fallen on it and caused the crazy growth. See the little squirrel hiding a acorn. The acorns fall off the trees and hit the roof of our camper. We sit and laugh as it sounds like somebody is bombing us. Falling from these tall trees it really makes a noise.


Photos under the JFK Memorial & Overlook on the east side of the dam looking west.


The Dam was amazing. A huge work of engineering. One worker had fallen to his death when working on it, the interesting thing was that Pres. Kennedy had been here on October 13, 1963, was killed in Nov.

I saw the leaf in the water. (Thought maybe another Grand Champion at the fair. Ha Ha)

The netting is over the fish hatchery to keep the Eagles away.


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