Rockhound New Mexico State Park

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When we arrived here we had a little snow cover. The next morning in the campground all water was frozen. I went down to bathhouse to take shower, ready to jump in and no water. That meant no toilets either. We had a vault toilet on the hill to use. I guess some pump froze and busted. Weather like this really creates a problem down here, as they don't know how to handle it.

I guess this park is named right. Rock Hound as the mountainside is all rocks. The mountains are the Florida mountains. There were several trails leading up the mountain that we walked.

We discovered how high the altitude is here when walking.


The first 2 are of blimp photos.

These 3 photos are of a dust storm,

Some of the awesome sunset at the park.

Every night we would enjoy the beautiful sun sets here. In addition we overlook the town of Deming so we would see the lights of the city on the horizon.



Some nights the sky was just pink and the scene behind the mountain was beautiful.



Las Cruces New Mexico


When we were in Las Cruces we found this frozen water fountain. We went to the farmers market here. It was a cold morning and the natives were really suffering.


We saw this old Ford pickup on the street that Lenny thought was neat. Went to Wal-Mart and saw this dog driving this pickup. Everyone brings his or her dogs along. Have seen as many as 5 come out of a camper.


Strolled around Old Mesilla a historic part of Las Cruse, Billy the kids old haunt. Really and old part of town with little shops. These are some of the buildings there.


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