Sugar Beet Harvest

The 4 fields are 15 to 20 miles north of Appleton Minnesota. The beet dump or holding pile is at Milan, Minnesota, 10 miles south of Appleton.

This is what the dumpsite looks like without any beets.

Tom has 4 trucks loading. Two are end dumps and two side dump, the side dump goes to another holding pile south of Benson.

Here is the start of the pile at Milan. This is after 3 days.

Here Tom is opening up the headlands, this is done two weeks before the main harvest. This way the farmers can get some of the bug out, fix and train new people like me what to do. After the fields are open then, the trucks can drive along side of the picker, witch speeds everything up.

They top or mow the tops of the beets off before they are taken out of the ground.

The pile at Benson MN, they can unload a side dump trucks and an end dump at the same time.

It was fun to get back into a truck again after so long not doing it.

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