Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park
Keystone Heights, Florida
Jan 16-23


 This is the road into the campground. There were several cabins like this one there. They were situated over the lake that was suppose to be there. They looked really nice with a screened in porch. The bottom photo is the bath house. We have been very fortunate this year as we have had warm bathhouses with hot water. I decided to work on my shell wreath. Of course Lenny had to open the door with the camera. While I was setting there a cardinal flew in and sat on the table. As we looked up we saw a hawk in the tree so it came in for protection.




This is the boat ramp!

These pictures are the dry lakebed. I talked with a man who was a photographer that had shot a wedding there about 8 months ago. He said there was water here then but they were having an extreme drought. Seems unreal for Florida. The canoes lined the shore waiting for water to put them in! There were suppose to be turtles here that I was waiting to see but never did. Lenny saw them sunning themselves one day. One nite we were sitting by our campfire and heard the most crazy noise. Upon looking discovered it to be a flock of sand hill cranes. Lenny shot these pictures. The last 3 pictures are shots of all that's left of the lake. Down the road was another lake. About 30 ft. from the shore was a fishing pier high and dry. On it hung a sign " Save our lakes".



No one knows where the moss man calls home
He one day all alone.

A strange glowing light was seen after dark
In late October... he appeared in the park.

In various locations the moss man's been seen
But most frequently, he appears about the ravine.

He seems to be quite timid and shy
He stands perfectly still as people go by.

At night when light hits his eyes,
They glow red and blue from his surprise.

No one is certain there is only one
There may be a mate, or even a son.

So should you spot him near the ravine
Or anywhere else that he might be seen

Feel free to take a picture or a snapshot,
But always remember to touch him not.

For we know not his origin or if he will stay
But we sure don't want him running away

He brings excitement, happiness, and joy
To all our camping girls and boys. just showed up


 Coming and going in and out of the park-noted cars always parked there by the road. One day I decided to hike they're to see the attraction. The little pine tree was so cute as new growth replenishes the forest. This crazy guy was by the road. Somebody had made it there out of Spanish Moss. Guess his eyes lit up at night.


This walk was so beautiful! Had to go to the bottom of a ravine so lots of steps but worth it. Again a mushroom growing on a log.


 There was a small stream here with lots of ferns down there. I was trying to get a picture of these beautiful leafs.


 The trees were huge down here and were all marked. Only the female holly gets the red berries on. This old water tower stood in the forest.


 More scenes of the trail I was on. Loved the bridges. The water in this stream was so clear with a white sand bottom. It was so clean. This campground had no cell service, which was bad. Very annoying.! On the walk back looked up at the clouds and took this picture. There is so much beauty around us we fail to see! This was the park that a trailer parked next to us opened the door and 6 dogs come out. 5 Yorkies and one other. Its amazing how many people travel with animals.


©All photos are taken and copyrighted by Len Mozey.
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