St. George Island State Park
St. George Island, Florida
Jan 10-16



The beaches on this island were very firm unlike Pensacola. Here the whole beach was firm way back. I looked up and saw this guy riding his bike on the beach. Here it was Lenny having a ball. Notice hoe close the water is. Boys never grow up! Actually I had my bike down here to one day and found it quite easy to ride except I am out of shape. Lenny even saw sand dollars as he rode. I found it more fun to walk barefoot. One day walked five miles on beach. Time goes so fast. The sand pipers ,gulls and pelicans are busy all the time

We got up early one day to see the sunrise at the point. It was five miles down there. The blob of red we think is a sort of jellyfish different than we have seen. I asked the ranger about it and he didn't know. The shell you see is a large horse shoe crab. This crab can't be eaten but some liquid is extracted from it and used in medicine. The larger shells are the female and smaller the male. A water bird that Lenny saw. This beach had a lot of horseshoe crabs washed-up. It is fun to be on the beach at the crack of dawn as you really learn a lot by seeing the things washed up.


These were some shrimp boats docked. I would like to see how they work as they really look complicated with all the ropes and nets.

Sunset on the bayside. Our campsite and the bath house.

The road into the site was lined with huge sand dunes. Here you can see how the sand literally covers the trees. If a hurricane come in it would all be moved out. These are some of the houses that line the road into town. Note how they build decks on the roof so they can see the Gulf. When you look at the bridge it's a fishing pier. You can see the boats on the other side of it, no they are not fishing. They are gathering oysters.

Down by the bath hose they had this cupboard filled with shells from that beach. They were arranged by easy to find with hard on top. They had them all labeled. The alligator sign was on a pond of water. I guess they had had a resident alligator here but he had not been seen lately. There was a worn path where they crossed the road. Lois and her shells. She invited me over to show me how to make a wreath.


I'm washing my shells it was really a lot of fun Washing my shells!


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