Natchez State Park, Mississippi
Dec 14-19



 These buildings were cottages that were rented to camper. This was a big hunting area. There were two rentals per building. They had signs all over the park, but the one that really got my attention was the HUNTER one.

 This is the huge dam built here. You were warned by signs all over not to go in the woods because of hunters.

 On my walk one day came across these geese. They were unafraid so got quite close.

This was a nice campground but had no local TV channels. Note the fall colors here yet. Interesting how late they stay. Two old buildings on the road to the campground. Unlike Minnesota they didn't tare them down.



This National Historic site used to be the site of a plantation. All the buildings had been preserved. I found it interesting to read about the slaves. At auction families were separated at times. If you were ordinary you probably were worth $300 or if you had skills you would bring maybe $900. The more slaves you had the wealthier you were. Several families of slaves lived in this house. These were some of the big trees that had been killed by Spanish Moss.

 Lots of the trees have this vine growing on them.


 These were some of the slave buildings. The one is the horse stable.


 These trees are the most fascinating as they send out roots above the ground. Eventually they grow together to form the trunk of the tree.


We visited a National Cemetery. It was beautiful as a lot of the stones had Christmas wreaths on them.

These are photos of a Military Cemetery. Some of the graves are from the Civil War. There were some square stone is a grave marker, there was no name just number. I also found a stone of PVT Jasper Van Snyder who was a Buffalo Soldier.

The "Buffalo Soldiers" were established by Congress as the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular U.S. Army.

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This is the bluff above the Mississippi River at Natchez, MS.


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