Lake Bistineau State Park
Doyline, Louisiana

Dec 5-14


This is our decoration for Christmas. Our huge tree. The bird is a crested grebe Lenny saw. We had a huge deck outside the trailer, which was really nice. Saved on the tracking in. Fall color still on the trees. The pine trees were about 70 ft tall. I laid on the ground and shot the picture up.


 These what we saw out our back window of the swamp Loved the swamp. Note the crazy cypress trees.

Those things sticking out of the ground are roots of the cypress trees. They grow up and eventually grow together to make the trunk of the tree. Airboats run on the swamp. They were really loud like an airplane.


More pictures of the campground Notice all the color from the leaves that have fallen. The guy on the tractor was one of the camp hosts. He had this pit bull that road with him everywhere around the camp. One day I heard someone getting a scolding. I thought some kid has been naughty. Here it as this guy scolding the dog. "When I talk to you "YOU LISTEN." There are cabins and a swimming pool.


This is the campout we went to. This cast iron kettle club came in there once a month and cooked out doors for the campers. Had quite a tasty feed. They even gave us a little gift. One old guy was doing split pee soup was the good.



More pictures of the Crested Grebe. Every day the leaves etc. were rooted up around out trailer. The Armadillo is the culprit looking for ants. Lenny ran across this one. The last two pictures are of the praying mantis that was on our camper tire. He looked like a stick or a pine needle. I would not have known what it was but Lenny knew.


At 7:00 we were siting in our trailer and we heard a racket like WW2 and we were under attack. Well we won't but the plant life was. The top 3 photos are what it looks like. There is a plant growth that is growing in the lake and it's not good, it came from tropical fish tanks. I didn't know that airboats made so much noise.

 The first morning one of the airboats blew an engine. The other boat had to pull it back to the boat ram.


These were the three Billiegoats gruff that we saw. They had a long beard that dragged on the ground when they ate. Took these for the twins to see the goats here.



©All photos are taken and copyrighted by Len Mozey.
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