Millwood State Park, Arkansas
Nov 20 Dec 5




 Some pictures to show the park. The egret was seen out our window. Love the colors. Second picture is the dry bed. Last two pictures are couple days later.


This campground very nice. Colors are awesome. Glad we got to see them. The second picture shows the dry riverbed when we got here. The whole bottom was dry. Two days later we had a couple of good rains and where the egret walks is the same place. The road shows the big dike we are behind. I walk this every day. No traffic as is within the grounds. Highway on top so can watch traffic. Lots of logging trucks goes by.


These are some of the scenery we have seen. The first is a yucca plant blooming on the grounds. The fence photo is mine. Walked quite a distance to get it. As I was standing concentrating on the picture five dogs came up and started pawing me. I screamed so loud. The tree trunk is a crazy looking one the grounds here. Thought it was very interesting.




 The scenery here great. Some of the colors.

 Lenny by his campfire. Benches along the river to sit and swing. I sat here waiting for sunset. A fan palm.

 These were mushrooms along the walk Aren't they neat? The last picture is a bunch of mistletoe in the tree.



 If you look close you can see Judy in the 3 photos. I was on the bank across the water from her. I used the zoom to get them.

 We are standing in front of the swamp out our window. The colors of the trees reflecting in the water were awesome. The silver colored tree reminds me of a Christmas tree.

 Just a little ways down the road came upon this sign Railcar Apts. So curious me had to stop and ask questions. A train derailed some miles from here and a man thought he could make money by haling these in and renting them out. Most had no windows. $350 a month. They said they were very economical as they hauled meat and were refrigerated. They said they were always full. Hard to believe.

 This is the courthouse in the square. Every inch of it is covered with lights even the dome. All the grounds here including the trees are lit.


©All photos are taken and copyrighted by Len Mozey.
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