Clear Lake Campgrounds
Corps of Engineers
Wright Patman Lake
Texarkana, Texas
Feb 27- March 8


This Corp Park was as good as any state park we had been in. It was well maintained with wonderful shower rooms and the honor the Golden Age Card.


There were two big campgrounds here. The upper camp had full hook ups but was in tall pine trees so we chose the lower for better reception of TV etc. we could only get the campsite for 11 day after that everything was full because of spring brake.

This is pictures of the upper camp. Several of the sites here had decks and were on the lakeshore. They actually had state of the ark here. This is one of several fishing cabins. The bottom photo is the fish cleaning station. This was all stainless steel equipment with running water. Better than most state or national parks.


 Lenny woke up one morning to see these deer grazing out our window. The squirrel frequented below our bird feeder because of corn we had put there. It was fun to watch him through the window. This picture taken through the window. The cardinals were always a delight. Some of the campers fished and threw the fish they didn't want on the bank so the Turkey Vultures hung there for a feast. The little bird on our feeder is a Titmouse and Mockingbird. You didn't want to take a nap or fall down because there was so many Vultures around.


 This is some of the flowers growing wild around the park. On looking at the yellow flower discovered they were wild daffodils. They were very dainty. Bloomed all over. The ditches were very colorful.


Sunsets over the lake. We were impressed with all this park offered.


These are photos of the swimming beach, it was closed when we were there.

The day after we left it was full because of spring break. We were happy not to get in that mess.


Photos of the Corps of Engineers Wright Patman Dam that forms Wright Patman Lake.

One day we drove across the dam. This was a huge project People lined the shore fishing. The little birdhouse was the way they finished the post of the bridge. Thought it very clever and looked really nice. It was not a birdhouse but a replica of one. Tons and tons of crushed rock lined the banks Totally amazing the work that goes in these dam projects. By looking at the debris on the rocks you could see how high the water had been at times. This was actually quite a distance from the actual lake. If you look at some of the rock photo you can see logs or derby to show the high water marks.




First Monday Trade Days
Canton Texas

Most popular shopping guide to world's largest flea market First Monday Trade Days Canton Texas.

There is a map of the grounds on the web site.

We heard of a huge flea market going on in Canton Texas so we decided to check it out. We could not believe how huge it was. This shows some of the parking lots. There were two huge buildings blocks long with merchandise in. Back of these were lots of other tents or buildings with more things. You walked blocks and blocks between vendors set up in the open air. We were fascinated by these welding projects of tables and benches that were being sold. Very nice work. They even had an airplane to be sold. There are many RV campgrounds with in walking distance of the flea market site.


 The post office and courthouse in Texarkana is located half in Texas and half in Arkansas. The line on the sidewalk shows the division. We were there on a weekend so didn't get in the building itself. Looked to be beautiful.


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