South Toledo Bend State Park
Amacoco, Louisiana
Feb 17-27



This was a fairly new park. Only a few years old. Louisiana really builds up their parks. Most provide laundry too. Here had a washer for $1 and dryer free. That's really a nice feature.


Photos of the dam and the power plant that holds or forms the lake. One day we were down by the dam taking pictures and a guard in a pickup pulled up asking if everything was okay. He told us since 9/11 homeland security does not allow anyone to be 500ft from the dam. So he was checking on our activity. I think we really lost a lot of our freedom when we were attacked on 9/11.



The docks are on floats and rise and fall with the water level. You can see how far down the water is.

Here are some cabins there are many more. Every campground has cabins that you can rent. They look really nice from the outside, they even have satellite dish outside.


As you can see the lake is way down. When I made the reservation they said the boat launch was closed, but they got a lot of rain. I couldn't believe the erosion. The dirt when it gets wet it must be like soup and wash away.

 These pictures taken as we took a walk one day on one of the trails. The ground here is like it is weeping in areas, Moisture just comes all the time. We did not dare to get very close to the water as you would sink in clay.

If you look close you can see white stick in the water. This is deep water markers, the brown stick are stumps in the water. That is Texas across the lake. This yellow flower climbs the trees here. You look up to the treetops and this little flower is blooming away. Tall pines along the path rise many feet. These were some of the different types of trees we walked by.

The Rangers put these labels on the tree, no not all. I really though this was great because I offend wonder what kind of tree they are. Of course some of them didn't have leaves on them. These were some of the trees on the trail. Never heard of most of them. We took our bags with and picked up huge pine cones. We tie them in a plastic bag and use them as fire starter for our campfires. Works great.


The first time I went up this Trail I road my bike and was that fun. I didn't find the Eagle Nest.

I found this neat scene. When the pine needle fall they hook on the branches of the bush and make a wired scene.

When I walked this trail I could not believe that Lenny rode his bike up there. It was up hill all the way with big tree roots exposed. Rougher than a cob! I was sure glad I had not tried.

Going down the trail there was this ant colony. Look at the size of the sand they are taking out.  As we looked at these mounds we marveled at the endurance of these creatures. Think how many trips they had to make to create these mounds. We watched as they came out of the holes with these dirt particles twice their size.


These are some photos I took of the sunset at the park.
I call them Texas on Fire, that is Texas across the water.
The bottom three rows are all one sunset.

 We have seen so many beautiful sunsets. Each one is different and more beautiful. At least we take time to enjoy. We are so lucky to be able to do this. Tonight as we were enjoying our campfire the sky was like it was on fire. Our neighbor from S.D. Was visiting with us. Fun to here where others have been and what they have seen.

Fort Jesep that we went to see. Lenny locked me in this stockade. That is an awful feeling. I can,t imagine having to stand there a long time. Lenny said he wondered why heck let me out!

Look what I got Judy to do, but I had to let her out.

 When you look at this equipment and compare it to what we have now, it's amazing how far we have come. Notice the plow Leigh.


©All photos are taken and copyrighted by Len Mozey.
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