Grand Isle State Park
Grand Isle, Louisiana
Feb 6- 15


Legend of the Crucifix Fish


 This was a very clean campground with paved parking space. Lenny found this sand crab, about the size of a .50 piece on the road one day as he was riding bike. One of the big shells I picked up had a critter in it. They would be back in so far you couldn't see them. The box full are ones we found with critters.

 Scenes of around the park. We paid $9 a night here. They even provided a washer and dryer of no charge.

 This was a lookout tower overlooking the Gulf. Lenny got me to go to the top for a picture. Beach was very clean here. Of course it was swept daily!

Bottlenose Dolphins

There was a pod of Dolphins here so I got some good photos of them.

 Lenny took me down to the pier to see these dolphins. They were so beautiful and graceful.

The Brown Pelicans

 It is so much fun to watch the pelicans. They are the state birds here. They dive straight down very fast and dive in the water.


Down here they walk out into the serf with a net and get there fish.


Here are some Black Skimmer and Gulls, it was their nesting time.

These large flocks of birds would gather on the beach. You could get quite close before thy would fly. The skimmers flew above the water with there beak in the water as they flew,



I didn't take this photo but this is the kind of bug that chewed on me and it's smaller than a nat.

Ceratopogonidae, or biting midges, no-see-ums, midgies, sand flies, punkies.

This is the only thing that was bad about the Park. The local said to use dryer sheet, but that didn't work for me. When the wind was out of the north they were bad, that is because the wind blew them out of the salt marshes. I didn't know that anything so small could bit so badly. Below are photos of a saltwater marsh, there home.

Above are some Roseate Spoonbill, White Ibis, Great Egret and White Pelican.


 The park is on the Gulf side of the island and the Oil Company's are on the bay side with a waterway so they can come and go. You can see many oilrigs all over in the water. The helicopters are flying all the time right over the campgrounds. The boats are going all the time. They are bringing stuff out to the rigs all the time.

This is an oil-drilling platform. The things sticking up are legs for the platform sit on the bottom.


Almost all the housing is on piling that is because of the storm surge from a hurricane. Many of the homes or building have a host or elevator. Even the US Post Office is on stilts.


This is on my bucket list to own and live on a boat like this, I know I will never cross it off my list.
But I can still dream! One of them even has my lucky number on her.

We drove to a port one day and enjoyed these beautiful boats. 


Here are the clean up crews here. The blue truck is a Coast Guard, they are there to make sure that the crews do it right. In the local paper they said they are going to be doing this for the next ten years. The oil is 6" or more below the beach.

This crew they messed up the beach every day annoyed me, of course it was there job and BP paid them. They had rakes and piled the oil on the beach. There were usually 8 to 10 men, 3 to four pickups in line. Seldom could I beat them to the beach.


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