Galveston Island Texas State Park
Mustang Island Texas State Park


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This is the way we got to Galveston Island, there is also a road. Even our GPS told us to board ferry and then it showed us in the water and our speed at 10 MPH then she told us to leave ferry.

Remember when you lost a puzzle piece well I found out were they went.


As you can see I loved the islands. I loved walking the beach and looking for shells and other things. One morning I talked with a lady who was wearing a light like the miners wear on her forehead. She had been down to the beach long before daylight. I loved finding all the creatures that had washed ashore the night before. The white pelicans were at a park that we went to, Also the duck some running toward me like a log lost friend. I don't know what kind it is. I loved watching the egrets and the pelicans on the shore.

We found this little house on the beach. It was sandwiched in among the fancy beach houses. We think it belonged to Ma and Pa Kettle. 


Mustang Island Texas State Parks


Back on the ferry again. They are a smaller one because it didn't have to go too far.

Judy finding a sand dollar and kicking a jellyfish. The little things in the shot he are ghost scrimp and they use a suction pump to get them out of the sand then they use them for bate. As we looked out the camper window we could see the surf.

This was an exciting beach. I was so excited to find a whole sand dollar. They are hard to find whole. Also found several small cookie sand dollars. The jellyfish here were of a different kind that we had seen before. The shore is full of creatures that are beached when the  surf goes out. The sea gulls and the other little birds are quick to come to eat anything they can find. Many of the starfish had already lost arms to them. That is why you have to go early.

This woman was sitting there fishing and this pelican was waiting for a handout. They are such freeloaders. This sand art was formed in this little boat. A man from South. Dakota. Was fishing here. A crowd gathered by him to see his catch. He had caught a sting ray. It was very interesting to see one of these close up. A lot of the storefronts here are a sea creature like this whale mouth. The large boat here is a shrimp boat. You can see the nets hanging on the side. The bird is a blue heron.


Padre Island National Park

 Natives here talk about how a sting from a jellyfish hurts. Here was a sign that said to use meat tenderizer on it. I never went bare foot on the beach as these jelly fish lay all over and I was afraid of being stung


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