Welcome Center for Mississippi


Big Biloxi Campground
De Soto National Forest, Mississippi

The first thing that greeted us to this park was a cardinal. Of course that made my day. This park was not busy at all. We could not understand, as it was so nice. I walked the circle because there were about four poisonous snakes here and the trails were really covered with thick brush. Good place for snakes to hide.


Gulfport, Mississippi

We drove to Gulfport down to the beach. Here are a few of the water birds we saw. Loved the big Egrets. Note the last one had just caught a fish.


 This big building was meant to train firefighters. They would build fires in it and have the men practice. The frame next to it that looks like a window is where they train the dogs to jump through.


Tuxachanie Hiking Trail
De Soto National Forest, Mississippi

We drove down the road to walk this trail as it looked like a good wide one. The mushrooms were on the log were such a pretty orange.


Battleship Memorial Park
Mobile, Alabama

What we saw at the battleship. Picture number three is of the submarine "the Drum". We went on deck and below. Amazing. Of course Lenny had to climb this gun.

These were the racks that the sailors had to sleep in. As you can see they were four high. I tried crawling in which was not easy. Believe me there is not that much room between. Would hate to be on the bottom bunk and have the upper guy get sick.