The Kincaid Lake Campgrounds are located inside the Kincaid Lake Recreation Complex that includes three campgrounds, a day-use area with a swimming beach, a boat launch and a group use area. Also available are networks of hiking/biking trails, which are accessible from the campgrounds.



We are really getting into this camping thing. We both just love it especially when we here from home another storm warning. I sure do not miss that early morning run to the Nursing Home. While we were here we drove to Livingston, la down by Baton Rouge to visit a friend of Lennys. He was a Blue Angels nut. Got to see his airplane room and lots of models. Had a great day. We drove by the sugar cane and rice fields. Some sugar cane being harvested. They harvested it with a machine like a one-row corn picker that blew it in a truck. Spanish moss hangs from the trees. Sometimes it gets so heavy it kills the trees. Got a real close up look on one of our hiking trails. The trails were marked with blue paint on the trees so all you have to do is follow the markings. This campground had lots of walking trails so we enjoyed the scenery. This is something you don't get to do in a motel room.


We think this is a rice field.

When we drove home we came across this body of water with some of our northern friends so we felt right at home. Lenny drove down into the field and honked the horn to make them fly. You should have heard the noise!