Gulpha Gorge Campground

This is to show our campground. This creek was out our back window. We would get up in the morning and sit with our coffee and admire the scenery. We were not far from the amphitheater where they had programs. The tree where I am standing was loaded with red berries. We had to register here by a machine. No attendants here.


Fordyce Bathhouse is the Visitor Center for the National Park. You can't get a bath there but you can see what it was like.

As you can see Judy had to check it out the tub and I also I talked Judy into checking the hot pool out.


We still could have had a bath in a different bathhouse but chose not too. These houses were very popular years ago. People came from all over the world to use these. The tubs were huge, very deep. The stained glass window was in the ceiling of the reception area. We walked out the back to some hot springs. I could not keep my foot in the water, as it was that hot.

Some of the Christmas Lights

We drove into Hot Springs one night to see the lights. The central square had about thirty of these trees all different colors. Beautiful.

The view from top of Hot Spring Mountain

This is a tower on top of Hot Springs Mountain in Hot Springs National Park. You can see how high we were when you look down at our truck. You could see for seventy miles all around. The last picture you can see the reflection of Lenny in the glass. Hot Springs is the boyhood town of Bill Clinton.


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