Copper Brake Texas State Park
Quitaque, Texas



 This was a beautiful area. The whole landscape was a copper color. The soil, grass and everything. Now that we are back home listening to the news this is where the wildfires are burning. Acres and acres have been burned. The picnic tables were covered with a hut that looked like a teepee.  Note the copper color of the landscape. If you look close you can see how far down the water is. Judie is walking on some rock and that is the normal water level. I would say it was down 10 foot or more.


This was one of the walks we were on and to cross a ravine we had we walk down this cement wall.

This land had been eroded by the Peace River with lots of gullies, mesas and juniper breaks.



 Two small lakes here offer fishing for bass, crappie, perch and catfish.

 The copper tone even carried over to the grass waving in the breeze. Was absolutely awesome!

 This cardinal was crazy. We looked out and he was attacking the mirror of the pickup. He saw himself and they are a very territorial bird and he was going to run the other one off. HE SMUDGED THE MIRROR UP TERRIBLE. Lenny finally had to go fold the mirror up so he didn't commit suicide or brake the mirror.

 When he got done fighting with himself the cardinal sat in this tree outside the window. His feathers were ruffled and he was mad as heck.


This was definitely an area to go back to. It had many walking trails to enjoy. Campers can take a 9.5-mile hike through the backcountry.



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