Oasis State Park
Portales, New Mexico



We found this radar trap on the way to town. It looked so real but come to find out it was a dummy sitting in the car. This is their way of cutting the budget. Didn't have to pay much wages to this guy.


The name really fit this park. It was way out in no mans land about 12 miles from a Wal-Mart and only a small town close buy with one tiny grocery store.

There were few campers here. Really did not have too much to offer. This is the first green fields we had seen in months as they had grasslands irrigated for there dairy. Big dairy country.

There were trails here around the lake. There were two huge dairy farms close buy. Perfume was in the air. One earlier camper we talked to said, in the fall the flies about carry you away here.


These photos are of the man made lake here. They said this was the only lake in hundreds of miles. They had the lake stocked with fish and people were really excited about coming here to fish. We did not see anyone pull anything big ones in but the fact the fish were small but pleased them, this was the only lake (pond) within 150 miles.


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