Oliver Lee New Mexico State Park


We were going to go to Pancho Villa Camp Ground until we talked to a Cop and he said not to stay overnight because of the drug dealer war.

So we went back to Rockhound State park because of high winds. On the way we found this old car with a guy, I think it was a guy in it.


 We came into this park on a Friday which is a busy time of the week for campgrounds. They accommodated us by putting us in the group campground. Actually it worked out good as the wind blew hard and we were protected by these other campers from the wind. It still froze here in am. The bird is a type of mourning dove.



 We decided to take a hike up the mountain The trail was fairly step and rocky. We felt like a couple of mountain goats.

These pictures show the view down as we climbed.

 A dust devil coming across the valley. We hiked across the dessert by our campground. The cactus here were different not as prickly.


We had a row of mountains all the way behind us on the horizon We enjoyed many beautiful sunsets.


 Our Minn. Viking awning providing shade.



 Exhausted after being dragged up the mountain. Looking down on the camper from our perch above.

 Lenny taking a rest enjoying the view. What an awesome site!



 We questioned this stone fence. We were told that the early settler here built this fence to keep his sheep from getting lost. It was amazing the work that went into this as it went way up the mountain side and the rocks were quite big. One would wonder what he used to move these rock.

 Loved these cactus which filled the country side. When inspecting them they were like a tree. We drove up the mountain to a little tourist town, Cloudcroft. It was 56 degrees when we left the trailer and 47 up there. The sidewalk was wooden with numerous shops. I asked a lady "Is this your main street and she said this is it.

 The drive up was through a mountain range and was spectacular. We never get tired of seeing mountains in fact when we drove out of them we were sad. Felt really funny to only see flat land.

Roads very steep and lots of switch backs.

 These were bales of rock held together with like chicken wire. These prevented rock from falling on the road.

 This is the main street of Cloudroft. Very interesting how this little town made a living. One almost expected to see a horse tied up somewhere.

 Leaving the town we came upon this old railroad track that had been used many years ago to move logs from the forest.

This neat old car was perched up on a bluff. Love old rusty cars.


 As we left Almagordo that am saw this crazy roadrunner. There were two pistachio ranches here. We stopped and visited with them. They said that pistachios grow on trees much like grapes. They go with a machine and shake the tree to harvest them. One of the farms had this big pistachio in front. Coming through Rowel, New Mexico this towns theme was aliens and space, Little green aliens were all over. This is one of the store windows as we drove by.

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