Balmorhea Texas State Park


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This park had a spring fed pool. We were told it was 74 degrees at all times. Being from Minn. We had to try as is was 80 degrees when we arrived.

The steps on the pool were terrible slippery. The bottom of the pool was real slimy. As it was spring fed they could not add chemicals to prevent algae from growing. Ducks were swimming and there were fish here too.



The next morning after the 80-degree temp we awoke to snow out our back window. The first day it disappeared but the second morning it hung around.


 This is a scene out our back window, we had a pull through site here. On arriving at this park we were met by a roadrunner, this is Texas, state bird. Lenny teased me because he is trying to get the camper set up and I am chasing a roadrunner with the camera. The last pictures were taken out of our window as he was suffering from the cold temperatures. This park we enjoyed the least of any of the parks we stayed at, I suppose it was due partly to the weather. Two mornings we had snow and sub temps. We had to keep the tanks drained. We dumped some anti freeze liquid in the toilet but it froze up anyway. The next day we were told our spot was reserved site so we had to move. We decided to leave and head for New Mexico. As we drove across Texas we stopped to use the restroom at a gas station. A sign hung on the door "out of order NO WATER. Went to get Lenny coffee and the whole row of pots had signs on them. Out of order. "No water" We tried two places and then ended up at McDonalds, they had water. Everyone says this is worst winter in years.


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