South Llano River Texas State Park


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This park had three awesome bird blinds. They were like small chicken houses with a large window so you could sit and observe the birds. Very fascinating. They had chips there with bird pictures so that you could identify them easily. They had water fountains in them and the birds would sit under and take a shower. The small dove is an Inca dove. Of course there were numerous cardinals. The blue bird is a Mexican Jay.


This deer was taken out our window in camper. This is an example of the trails we walked and the scenery we saw, up the mountain.

We fin We finally made it to the observation deck.


Half of the park was shut down from Oct, to April for the turkeys roasting area. There were 800 turkeys here with Lenny said with him there is 801. The turkeys were right back of our camper. The long green thing is a watering trough on the grounds for the birds and deer.



As I walked the trails and around the campground there were armadillos.


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